Cookie policy

Published at: 09/12/2020
Updated at: 01/15/2023

Cookie policy of

Cookies are text files that are stored on web users' computers to allow safe and efficient exploration of the site and monitor its use.

This website uses different types of technical cookies: session cookies for authentication (online services and restricted areas), analytical monitoring cookies and marketing cookies.

Services used

To know about the full list of services used, please read the privacy policy.

Session cookies

The website, with a view to maximum transparency, wants to inform the user about the use of the following cookies:

  • "acceptCookies": Defines the acceptance by a user of the use of cookies on the site. This cookie is created upon first access to any page of the site and has a duration of 30 days.
  • MATOMO_SESSID, matomo_lang, _pk_ * and the like are cookies set by Matomo.

Third party tracking cookies

Monitoring cookies can be disabled without any consequence on the navigation of the portal: to disable them, see the next section.

The website does not set third-party cookies itself.

Some third party cookies may be set by external services, like Youtube video embedding or Google Adsense.

How to disable cookies (opt-out)

It is possible to refuse consent to the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate setting on your browser: unauthenticated navigation on the portal will still be available in all its functions.