Welcome to Gaming House!

What is Gaming House?

A project. The goal is to create a wide community of gamers, people who like Videogames (with capital V). Together we will play and improve our skills, learn from eachother, help other players to grow.

Why should I join the community?

GamingHouse aims to become an important community for all the gamers out there! If you consider yourself to be a gamer, a videogame passionate, or even if you just like gaming, you are in the right place!

Where can I join?

You can join our Discord and follow us on our social network pages. Subscribe to Gaming House Youtube Channel to see all our new videos.
You can also find us on Facebook, Reddit and Odysee.

How can I contribute and participate? And do you need any help?

To partecipate you can discuss below our Youtube videos (in the comments) or just leave your feedback. If you want, you can find people to talk with on our Discord.

If you'd like to support us, you can do so by donating on OpenCollective or LiberaPay, open-source and privacy-friendly donation platforms to sustain the projects you care about! Alternatively, you can also donate via Stripe.

Otherwise you can just contribute to our community by watching, reading, commenting and sharing our videos and articles!

Can I play with you?

Sure! Hop on our Discord or Revolt!

What other games will you upload?

Some names in our plans: Gothic (and its remake when it will come out!), Quake, Doom, Serious Sam, Painkiller, Empire Earth, 0 A.D., Need for Speed Underground 1 and 2, Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 4, Elder Scrolls Online, STALKER 2, Age of Empires IV, Far Cry 6, Stronghold Warlords, and many more!

What to expect from GamingHouse in the future?

Guides, videos, tutorials, and many other types of content about the gaming world. We will populate this website with articles and reviews, about gaming and technology. We also want to buy a dedicated server to host our own gameservers.

We will expand the community and we would like to allow everybody to bring their own content, or even just share their opinions with posts and comments, freely with no censorship.

Do you need people for your team?

Yes, if you wish to help!

In fairness and transparency, we immediately clarify that GamingHouse is a project born by one single person from scratch, and there already are several expenses (server, hosting, web development, content creation, etc.).

That said, the idea is to make money through advertising, but this will take a long time to get going. If, however, you want to contribute freely by writing articles or creating videos, you are welcome to join us!

What we can do for now is to offer spaces, for example to insert promotional banners for your blog or project on this site, on Facebook and on Youtube.

Also for this reason, if you would like to contribute you can simply make a small donation on LiberaPay. It will really help the community grow!

We are looking for the following roles to be covered:

  • Moderators to check everything is fine on Discord or Youtube
  • Graphic designers to create complex banners or icons (requiring advanced graphical knowledge)
  • Writers for creating new articles/reviews for the blog
  • Content creators to make videos for our channel(s) (reviews, commentaries, gameplays, etc.)