Support GamingHouse to fuel the project for a community of gamers!

Published at: 12/03/2022
Updated at: 12/27/2022

How to support GamingHouse, the community of gamers

I chose to manage a Youtube channel and a website, as well as various social profiles on Facebook, Twitch, Discord, and Odysee to create an important project.

Until now I have written dozens of useful guides that are read by over 200 people every day. The work has been going on for 4 years now, and to compensate for the time and resources invested, I have chosen to set up a donation system that was as ethical as possible, through LiberaPay, to avoid going through the usual networks like Streamlabs and the like.

For these reasons, I invite you to support the project with a donation, you will help keep the website up and running and you will allow me to write content and create videos that can be useful for everyone.


You can donate freely with OpenCollective or LiberaPay, those are free and ethical platforms to support the creators you like.

Otherwise, you can donate directly via Stripe.


Google Adsense banners were added again on December 3, 2022. I will explain here the reasons for this choice.

I tried various alternatives, including ethical ones such as to have a good solution that was as privacy-friendly as possible and fed less to the business of the big advertising companies, while allowing me to earn something for the content I published.

I even tried to contact networks that offered affiliate programs, such as Kinguin, but I couldn't get the guarantees I asked for regarding user privacy.

So far I have understood that the only network that allows you to have a small profit on the content I write is Google Adsense. It's not the choice I prefer, but then I'll have to use it at least to cover part of the expenses I incur.

If you want to help me remove advertising altogether, I invite you to support me with a donation on LiberaPay.

Do you know of any valid alternatives? You can contact me via email at The ideal is to find a network that allows you to upload advertising banners locally and, above all, that does not use too invasive tracking cookies and is compliant with the GDPR, but which at the same time allows to earn some money.

I have already tried the ad system of my hosting service, provided by Keliweb, with which I can show locally loaded banners, but despite the clicks on the banners (50 clicks to date) this has not led to the recognition of commissions. For this reason I have chosen to return to AdSense, at least for now.