Top 10 Anime to watch in 2023

Top 10 Anime to watch in 2023

Published at: 01/11/2021
Updated at: 12/30/2022

Best anime series to watch in 2023

This is just a list of my favorite anime that you should still watch in 2023 if you didn't already!

10. A certain scientific railgun

An action and slice-of-life anime where some schoolgirls face different kinds of menaces with their ESP powers. The main character is Mikoto Misaka, also know as The Railgun, a Level 5 ESP girl with incredible electric powers. Together with her friends Kuroko Shirai, Ruiko Saten, Kazari Uiharu and others, she will fight the bad guys.

In Academy City the students are part of the Brain Development Program. Together with the Railgun, only other 6 students reached the 5th Level of the program.

Studio: J.C. Staff

9. The Great Pretender

This action and dramatic anime is about Makoto Edamura which is one of the greatest crooks and cheaters of Japan. He gets recruited by Laurent Thierry which is actually even smarter than him. The story is divided in "chapters" telling each a different adventure.

One important point is that the "scam" can't involve the death of any person. The characters will go through some difficult moments but also some funny scenes. Every adventure is set in different period of times and countries.

Studio: Wit Studio

8. World Trigger

The first season was released in 2014 and finally, in 2021 came out the second season of this action, sci-fi and shounen anime. The main characters are Osamu Mikumo, Yuma Kuga and Chika Amatori.

A portal from another dimension opens in Mikado City. Aliens called "Neighbors" are invading the city and destroying everything. Humanity creates "Border", an agency to guarantee the safety and security of the people. A new technology, the Trigger, gets created and it allows normal humans to enchance their strength and powers.

One day, a guy comes in Mikado City and saves Osamu. This guy is Yuma, and he will reveal that he came to find a friend of his father.

Studio: Toei Animation

7. Erased

This story is about Satoru Fujinuma, a manga author that with a mysterious power: the Revival. He can rewind the time for some minutes and prevent some deaths to happen.

One day, he finds his mother dead and he gets noticed by police, which will blame him for the death of the woman. Because of the shock and trying to save his mother, he travels from 2006 to 1988. Here he will try to help and save Kayo Hinazuki, his old friend from school, whom is the first victim of a series of abductions.

Studio: A-1 Pictures

6. Mirai Nikki

This weird action, mystery and thriller anime is about Yukiteru Amano, an introverted and asocial guy that will find himself in a controversial "survival game" that gives him the ability to read the future with his telephone. But he will also find out that other people have the same ability.

The winner will become the "god" of time and space, and the story become very interesting when Amano meets Gasai Yuno, a young girl that will do everything (literally) she can to protect her dear "Yukki".

Studio: Asread

5. Golden Kamuy

A very interesting adventure and action story involving Saichi Sugimoto, which survived the Russian-Japan war of 1904-1905. He will discover a "tale" about a man that sterminated a village of Ainu (a population living in Hokkaido) and stole their gold. The map to retrieve the gold has been hidden in some "tattoos" drawn on the back of 24 prisoners held in the prison where the murderer was kept too.

This anime is particularly original because in the background there are the tales and history of the Ainu, and we will learn some curious things about their uses, their customs and their life style.

Studio: Geno Studio

4. Psycho Pass

The "Psycho Pass" is a technology used to measure the level of "mind state" of a human being. You want to rob a bank or steal an apple? Your psycho pass will become bad and you might be arrested or terminated before you can do that. It sounds good right? Well, we will find out in this action, thriller and psychology anime that some things are not what they look like.

Shinya Kōgami and Akane Tsunemori work in the Public Security (basically, the Police) and have to stop criminals before they commit their crimes. The agents are equipped with the Dominator, a gun that can shoot only to who is recognized by the "System" as a criminal, based on his/her Psycho Pass status.

Studio: Production I.G.

3. Steins;Gate

If you like "time travel" stories, Steins;Gate is the right one for you. Rintaro Okabe is a "mad scientist" also called "Hououin Kyouma" and he works on innovative "gadgets" together with Itaru Hashida and Mayuri Shiina. They are all members of the "Laboratory Team" that will also be joined very soon by Kurisu Makise (the female main character), Faris NyanNyan, Luka Urushibara, Moeka Kiryu.

Okabe will discover that the "Time machine" he built is actually working and he will find himself travelling through different parallel universes and time lines in order to reach the "Steins Gate".

This anime has, in my opinion, several analogies with Re:Zero in some ways.

Studio: White Fox

2. Re:Zero

Natsuki Subar is just a normal boy living his "hikikomori life". No friends, no social life, only videogames, mangas and anime. But Subaru one day goes to the store (konbini) as always. This time he will find himself, suddenly, in another world. This "isekai" anime is about psychology and mystery, but with many action scenes with some romance moments.

Not enough? Well, this story will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Subaru will go through moments of desperation, immersive monologues, self-evolution, intense fights and much more.

The development of the characters is amazing, the story intriguing, the fights and dialogues emotional.

Subaru will be saved by Emilia-tan the half-elf and her little friend Puck, a magical spirit with the shape of a small cat. He will join the mansion of Roswaal and meet the twins Ram and Rem. The house also has a hidden room controlled by Beatrice, the "wise" figure of the story.

All characters are well designed:

  • Subaru is the main protagonist and has the power to "return by death", we could say he can "reload the checkpoint savegame".
  • Emilia is the female protagonist and she is a half-elf with ice magical powers.
  • Puck is the magical spirit supporting Emilia.
  • Roswaal is the mysterious owner of the mansion.
  • Ram is the "greater" sister of Rem and she is the best at cleaning, cooking, reading, teaching, fighting (all this according to her sister's opinion, of course).
  • Rem is the "younger" sister of Ram and she has demonic powers inside herself. Her development will be very surprising during the story.
  • Beatrice is wise, balanced but also very cute and jealous (of Puck). He likes to be left alone and that no one invades her personal space.

There are also a lot of "secondary" characters like Otto, Echidna, Petelgeuse, Elsa, and many more, that will gain a more important role as the story goes on.

But this anime has something particular when it comes to mysteries. Who is the Witch of Envy? Who are the other witches? Who can Subaru really trust? Who is a friend and who is an enemy? Why is all this happening to Subaru? Where does Emilia come from? And Puck? What is Roswaal planning? What is the real role of Beatrice? What does Ram really think all the time? Is Rem really doing what she wants to do?

All these questions are coming to mind only with the first season...

Studio: White Fox

1. Attack on Titan

Do we even need to say anything about AoT?

One day, humanity is reminded of its weakness. The titans approach the walls of Paradis.

Eren Yeager, Armin Arlert, Mikasa Akermann will face the threat of invasion, the fear of death, the desperation of losing everything.

Who are the titans and where do they come from? Why are they eating humans? Will the world ever be saved?

If you are looking for that kind of story that is about friendship, hope, kindness... Well, look somewhere else.

The titans destroy the security of our home, our beliefs, our trust in the government. Just like that, in a moment. We lose everything. Our lives will never be like before (sounds familiar with 2020 right?).

But Eren looks at other people like they are all cowards. He wants to kill every single titan. He wants freedom. Armin said that there is a world outside those walls and promised that they will reach it together and find the sea. Large oceans made of salted water, deserts of sand, volcanos and much more. That is what is to find outside. Will they be able to realize this dream?

Studios: Wit Studio, Mappa

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