Age of Empires 4: How to counter elephants

Age of Empires 4: How to counter elephants

Published at: 11/20/2021
Updated at: 08/14/2022

Countering elephants on Age of Empires IV

The best options to easily kill elephants are:

  • Spearmen, they deal bonus damage against elephants, you will need a lot of them, at least 6 per each elephant
  • Mangonels, to kill eventual monks healing the elephants
  • Crossbowmen, they have a good penetration against enemy armors
  • Camels, like pikemen they deal bonus damage against elephants
  • Hand cannoneers, if you regroup them in good numbers you can kill an elephant with one shot!
  • Monks, to convert enemy units, make sure you protect them well!

It is advisable to deny your opponent from making elephants: they cost a lot of resources, if you think you might get attacked by elephants, try to raid the enemy base, make your opponent's economy suffer as soon as possible, in other words attack him before he can grow his economy!

War Elephants in details

  • War Elephants cost 600 food and 400 gold
  • Each unit needs 1 minute to be produced
  • They have 1400 health points
  • They have an armor of 2 vs ranged attacks and 4 vs melee attacks
  • They move at the speed of 1 tile per second, so they are very slow
  • Damage: 30 with their tusks, and another 20 with the spear
  • Bonus: +40 damage against cavalry


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