Age of Empires 4: How to pick up relics

Age of Empires 4: How to pick up relics

Published at: 11/20/2021
Updated at: 08/14/2022

Pick up a relic in AOE IV


  1. Get to the Castle Age
  2. Build a religious building like the monastery or mosque, based on your civilization
  3. Create a religious unit, like the monk
  4. Select the monk and right-click on the relic to pick it up
  5. Put the relic inside the building by selecting the monk with the relic and right-clicking on the monastery or other building

Bonus: where to store the relic

Relics give you important bonuses:

  • put the relic inside a Monastery (or similar building) to generate 100 gold units per minute
  • moreover, with the Holy Roman Empire:
    • in the Keep, Outposts, and Towers to increase by 50% the armor of the building, by 35% the damage, by 25% the sight range and by 20% the weapon range
    • inside Docks to increase by 5% the attack speed of ships (up to 25%)

Religious units

  • Imam (Abbasid)
  • Prelate (Romans)
  • Monk (Franks, English, Chinese)
  • Scholar (Delhi)
  • Warrior Monk (Rus)
  • Shaman (Mongols)

Religious building

You can produce religious units in different buildings based on the civilization:

  • Romans: Monastery, Town Center
  • Franks: Monastery
  • English: Monastery
  • Mongols: Prayer's Tent
  • Delhi: Mosque
  • Rus: Monastery
  • Abbasid: Mosque

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