How to make chariots in Age of Empires 2: Return of Rome

How to make chariots in Age of Empires 2: Return of Rome

Published at: 05/07/2023
Updated at: 05/12/2023

Making chariots in Age of Empires 2: Return of Rome

Chariot units require the Wheel upgrade to be researched from the market. Makes sense, right? A chariot must have wheels to run.

For completeness, you will need to build a granary to be able to build a market, reach the Bronze Age, build the Market, and then research the Wheel. It will take some time to research it.

Then build some archery ranges and start making Chariot Archers, or Stables for making Chariots.

In my opinion, the Bronze Age's normal chariots (not archers) are a bad unit overall. Chariot archers instead are one of the best Bronze Age unit for rushing, and can be countered mostly by cavarly, camels, towers and massed slingers.

Moreover, the wheel will make your villagers walk 50% faster, giving you a much better economy.

Remember to research Nobility at the Government Center in the Bronze Age if you are going for Chariot Archers. It will increase hitpoints for all horse units, including chariots.

If you want to train Scythe Chariots, you need to reach the Iron Age and research Nobility from the Government center, required to unlock the upgrade.

Best civilizations for Chariots

  • Hittites have +1 attack on all archers, including chariot archers
  • Assyrian archers fire 25% faster
  • Egyptian chariots have +33% hit points

Useful upgrades for chariots

  • Wood cutting upgrades in the market, will increase chariot archer's attack and range
  • Alchemy in the Government Center, it gives fire arrows which increase chariot archer's attack
  • Ballistics, similar to AoE2:DE, your chariot archers will be able to shoot much more accurately
  • Nobility, gives more hitpoints to chariots and is required to research scythe chariots

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