How to have shared exploration in Age of Empires 2: Return of Rome

How to have shared exploration in Age of Empires 2: Return of Rome

Published at: 05/16/2023
Updated at: 06/06/2023

Shared exploration in Age of Empires 2: Return of Rome

Apparently the creation of lobbies does not currently allow activating shared exploration with teammates, which would allow us to see what our allies see from the start of the game.

Fix for bugged lobbies: if you host a ranked game with shared exploration turned on, and it does not work, try hosting an unranked lobby before, turn shared exploration on, leave the lobby and then create the ranked lobby now. It should be fixed.

For this reason, I decided to write this short article, for those players who may not understand or know how to activate shared exploration.

To do this we will have to reach the Bronze Age and build the government center, then research the technology called Writings.

As soon as the research is completed, we will see everything that our teammates see.

However, it is not possible to have the Spy technology like in Age of Empires 2, maybe they will add it in the future? It is probable but for now we don't know much about it.

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