Gothic 1: How to get animal trophies, skins, items

Gothic 1: How to get animal trophies, skins, items

Published 02/27/2023
Updated 02/27/2023

Collecting animal trophies in Gothic 1

It's simple, we will need to learn the required skill from a teacher. Here are the masters that can teach us to collect skins, horns, claws and more from animals:

  • Drax north of the Old Camp, near the Canyon;
  • Aidan, near Cavalorn, on the road to the New Camp;
  • Wolf at the New Camp

Some useful hints:

  • Reading the book "The Bloodflies" sold by Wolf or Baal Cadar will allow you to learn for free how to remove the sting from the bloodflies;
  • Gor Na Drak, a templar traveling back and forth between the Swamp Camp and the Old Mine, can teach you how to freely remove the mandibles of the minecrawlers

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