Gothic 1: How to use spell scrolls and runes

Gothic 1: How to use spell scrolls and runes

Published at: 01/14/2022
Updated at: 08/22/2022

Use spell scrolls and runes

Gothic 1: How to use spell scrolls and runes - Gothic tutorials
Gothic 1: How to use spell scrolls and runes - Gothic tutorials (Youtube)

Spells are divided in Scrolls and Runes. They can be used to launch attacks against beasts and NPCs, or to collect items and perform other actions.

The difference between the two types are:

  • Scrolls require less mana but can be used only one time per each scroll
  • Runes can be used infinite times but require more mana per use, and are harder to find

Any spell requires mana to be used. If you don't have enough mana, the spell won't be used. You can increase Mana from teachers, usually mages, and using the potions that grant you a bonus.


  • Mana: first of all, to use any spell you need to have enough mana, which is the energy used to launch spells
  • Open your inventory by pressing the Tab key
  • Use the left and right arrow keys to reach the "magic" column
  • Equip the scroll or rune by pressing CTRL and Up Arrow on it and you will see a number appearing
  • Close your inventory, then press the corresponding number on your keyboard and you will see that your character will have a spell on his hand
  • Launch the spell by pressing CTRL and Up Arrow on a target
  • Some spells need to charged (like the Fireball) so you need to keep the CTRL and Up Arrow keys pressed until the spell is complete


You can increase mana by drinking potions with a bonus to maximum mana, or by learning from a mage how to increase the mana stats, in exchange for Learning Points. Cronos in the New Camp is one of the mages that can teach you.

Magic circles

A magic circle requires Learning Points to be learned:

  1. First circle: 10 Learning Points
  2. Second circle: 15 Learning Points
  3. Third Circle: 20 Learning Points
  4. Fourth Circle: 25 Learning Points
  5. Fifth Circle: 30 Learning Points
  6. Sixth Circle: 40 Learning Points

Total Learning Points for all the circles: 140

There are 6 circles in total. You can learn the first 5 circles as a normal mage, but the 6th circle can be learned only from Xardas, the Necromancer.


To use scrolls you need to find or buy them, you do not need to know any magic circle to use them, so you could you a high-level scroll even without being a mage;

The spell from a scroll can be used only one time per scroll, so if you have four ice bolt scrolls you can use that ice bolt only four times.

The scroll will disappear from your inventory after you have used it.


A rune instead can be used multiple times, but you need to know the necessary magic circle to use the rune.

You can buy them from mages. In Gothic 2 you can even create your own;

There are also teleport runes, that do not require a magic circle and can be used as many times as needed. They are very useful to immediately move to another point and they work as a method of "fast travel".

Magical Elements and types of Spells

There are mainly 3 types of elements:

  • Fire: fire bolt, fireball, fire storm, and more
  • Water: ice bolt, ice wave, ice block, and more
  • Energy: sleep, fear, shrink moster, fist of wind, and more

Then there are the other types of spells, like:

  • Electricity: Chain lighting, Ball lighting and others
  • Darkness: summon skeletons, summon demon, summon golem, and more
  • Light
  • Healing
  • Transformation: transform into scavenger, bloodfly, wolf, and many other beasts

Now you know all you need to use spell scrolls and runes on Gothic 1. 

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