Gothic 2 NOTR: Answers to Quarhodron's questions

Gothic 2 NOTR: Answers to Quarhodron's questions

Published at: 03/03/2022
Updated at: 08/14/2022

The answers to Quarhodron's questions

If like me you were struggling to find the answers, this will help you out.

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  1. The guardians of the dead
  2. The warriors caste
  3. The priests
  4. The warriors caste
  5. The scholars
  6. The healers
  7. There's no way I could know that


1) To which caste of Jharkendar do you belong?

The guardians of the dead.

2) Who once protected the people of Jharkendar from enemy attacks?

The warriors caste.

3) Who can give me a direct order?

The priests.

4) Who brought the Evil upon us?

The warriors caste.

5) Who has the final word in the Council of Five?

The scholars.

6) Who alleviates suffering and attends to the ill?

The healers.

7) Who sealed the portal to guard the world from Evil?

There's no way I could know that.

After this, Quarhodron will give you the tablet to open the temple of Adanos.

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