Gothic: How to level up

Gothic: How to level up

Published at: 10/03/2022
Updated at: 10/03/2022

Leveling up in Gothic

In Gothic 1 and 2 we can increase our level by obtaining experience points.

As an example, the first level is unlocked at 500 experience points, the second level at 1500 experience points. Every level will require more and more experience points.

Every level will increase our health points by 12.

Moreover, at each new level we will receive 10 learning points to spend in improving our skills, that we can learn from teachers.

Il modo migliore per ottenere punti esperienza è completare le missioni e uccidere belve. Alcune missioni daranno anche migliaia di punti esperienza.

The best way to obtain experience points is to complete quests and kill beasts. Some missions will give you thousands of experience points.

It is a good idea to complete all the quests from the different factions before deciding which one to join to.

The beasts that provide the most experience points are also the most difficult to eliminate. In general, the easiest ones are the scavengers and the molerats.

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