Palworld: How to craft cloth

Palworld: How to craft cloth

Published at: 01/23/2024
Updated at: 01/28/2024

Making cloth on Palworld

The cloth can be useful for creating clothes that act both as armor, providing additional defense points, and as protection from heat or cold.

To create the cloth we will have to collect some wool (it can easily be accumulated by building a Ranch in your base) and research the appropriate technology, i.e. "Cloth", to then be able to create it on the workbench.

Obviously we can use Pals, such as for example Cattiva, to build cloth, and use the Lamballs to get wool in the Ranch.

Finally, if we want to craft clothing, we will first have to research its technology and then build it on the workbench.

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 Palworld: How to craft cloth
Palworld: How to craft cloth (Youtube)

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