World Trigger: Season 4 release date

World Trigger: Season 4 release date

Published 08/19/2021
Updated 02/05/2022

World Trigger: Season 4 release date

The 4th season of World Trigger does not have an official release date as of today.

One of the greatest problems is that there is too little material in the manga to animate in a new season. The author, Daisuke Ashihara, has had health issues for years and, unfortunately, this had slowed down the progression of the story.

I'd like to invite you to buy the manga so that we can all support this great series and this might speed up the development of new chapters and new episodes!

While we are waiting for news about a new season, let's rewatch the last fight from the third season, the one between Kuga, Osamu and Ninomiya.


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