8 Anime series to watch in 2024

8 Anime series to watch in 2024

Published at: 03/30/2022
Updated at: 01/05/2024

Here are some Anime series you must watch in 2024

After our Top 10 anime to watch in 2021, we talk today about other series that deserve to be seen! We already spoke about Re:Zero and Attack on Titan, so here we will also have something different and less known.

Table of Contents

  1. Princess Principal
  2. Love of Kill
  3. How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom
  4. The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat
  5. World's End Harem
  6. Mieruko-chan
  7. Golden Kamuy
  8. World Trigger

1. Princess Principal

I found about this series quite by coincidence, when I watched it was already out for some years. It came out in 2017, but still it was quite an interesting discovery.

The story is intriguing, with some misteries around the main characters, especially Ange and the Princess. We can also notice several storical and cultural references.

Screenshots from
Screenshots from "Princess Principal", on top we have the main characters drinking a tea, and below there is Chise fighting.

In short, it is based in London in the 19th century, and the protagonists are members of a prestigious academy that trains the best spies in the world.

We will spectate different fights, and the series also has psychological implications around every girl, in particular around Ange, with her eccentric way of thinking.

The Monarchy and the Republic are facing eachother by using espionage, assassination and kidnapping. A good part of the story is about the Cavorite, a particular substance with anti-gravity effects.
Just a curiosity: this substance is actually originally cited in the science-fiction book The First Men in the Moon of H.G. Wells. The reference is quite clear, and during the story we will find more references from literature.

In 2021 came out two more movies and a mini-OVA, that increased the potential of this anime that I really recommed you to watch, if you like this genre.

2. Love of Kill

The story of Koroshi Ai is set around Song Ryang-Ha and Chateau Noble, the main characters. The first one is an unscrupulous assassin with a kind and protective side. The second one is a girl with a mysterious past, that finds herself involved, quite involuntarily, in his life.

During the episodes, the two will meet many times and what identifies their relationship is the difference in their behaviour. Chateus does not trust him, because she doesn't know this guy who came out of nowhere and entered her life. She cannot remember her past and for some reason there is always something happening around him.

Screenshot from
Screenshot from "Koroshi Ai", the two main characters are facing eachother in a fight.

On the other side, Song apparently wants to protect Chateau at all costs, and he always seems to think about her health, almost like a thoughtful stalker.

The story develops around the adventures of these two, often with dangerous and deadly situations. What is causing all this? At the beginning, we won't understand much. The plot will use several flashbacks and it will rebuild the events one at a time. The logic will remain intact anyway, and the final of the series is conclusive, it does not remain unfinished.

Surely, it will make us think that there might be a second season, but we might also accept the ending as it is.

3. How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom

Originally came out in 2021 with the first season, Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki recently reached the end of its second season. A different Isekai series, the main character gets teleported in a parallel world, not to fight for the nation but rather to... manage it! Yes, because Souma will be summoned with a magical ritual into a fantasy world with swords, armors, humans and several types of beasts.

A classic for an Isekai, you might say. The peculiarity here is that Kazuya Souma has a natural talent to administer the nation. Thanks to his knowledge from his original world, together with his cunning and foresight, he will be able to bring innovative ideas for the Kingdom.

Screenshot from
Screenshot from "How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom", showing Souma, the protagonist, while he is speaking.

At the beginning, it seems that the summoning is needed only to deliver Souma as a tribute from the Kingdom to the Empire. He himself will manage to convince the King to work on some projects to improve the quality of life of the Kingdom.

He will be assigned with the throne and receive the daughter of the king, Liscia, as his wife. During the story he will meet more characters, some of them called thanks to his idea of finding out all the people with talents, and asking them to help the King.

Here is a series that, even if lacking of action, it surely does not lack of surprises. In a sense, some of the ideas coming from this fictional reality, might even be used as actual projects in our real world!

4. The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat 

Sekai Saikou No Ansatsusha Isekai Kizoku Ni Tensei Suru is another Isekai, focused on the character of Lugh Tuatha De, son of an aristocrat and member of the best family of assassins in the world.

Lugh is actually the reincarnation of Allen Smith, which is himself the best assassin on his world. The story begins by showing us an old man, Allen, facing his last mission. He wants to retire and enjoy his remaining years of life. Apparently, his employers do not agree with him and will try to deceive and kill him.

Screenshot from The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat showing the main character using his powers.
Screenshot from The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat, showing the main character using his powers.

The Goddess of the parallel world will use this perfect chance to make a proposal to Allen: he can reincarnate but he must do his best to kill the Hero within some years.

Allen accepts the offer and becomes Lugh, the son of a noble family of assassins, the Tuatha De. During the series we will see more characters accompanying Lugh, like Tarte and Dia. He will make good use of his long experience as an assassin, thanks to the inherited memories from his previous life, and thanks to Dia Vikone he will find out how to use magic and how to create powerful spells and magic weapons. He can even cook!

Action and mistery are part of the plot, with shades of romanticism and sentimentalism.

5. World's End Harem

Let's start by saying that this halfway between an Ecchi and an Hentai. Don't take this as a reasons to think this a stupid series: personally I found it quite original, at least for its idea and how it has been developed. The story would make sense even with many less hentai scenes, but it is still worth watching it.

Shuumatsu No Harem clearly satisfies the male fan service, but at the same time it will make you think. Maybe it wanted to be a sort of parody of the recent pandemic we lived in lately? Could be, we can say that it has some common points with our reality, even if this might sound unbelievable.

Screenshot from World's End Harem, showing some female characters trying to seduce one of the protagonists.
Screenshot from World's End Harem showing some female characters trying to seduce one of the protagonists.

The story will begin showing us a Reito facing a difficult challenge... which girl should he choose to make a child with?

We will soon find out that Reito has a degenerative disease and will be cryogenized for this reason, until a cure can be discovered. At his awakening, the world won't be the same as before. The men are almost all dead because of a lethal virus that caused a world pandemic, leaving only women alive.

Luckily, Reito, is still alive because he was frozen before the virus could spread. Of course, this kind of reality is hard to accept, maybe impossible, and the boy indeed does not want to believe it. Soon enough, he will need to surrender in front of the evidence: he will need to choose who to mate with, in order to save the world from extinction. Or maybe not? Are we really sure there is not more?

With some shades of mistery and some funny scenes, eroticism aside, the series is enjoyable and the plot is more interesting than you might think at a first glance. What would you do in a situation like that?

6. Mieruko-chan

A horror series but also a funny comedy. Mieruko apparently is the only one able to see the ghosts that, at some point, will suddenly appear in her daily life.

Her friend Hana is the classic dumb but funny character, and she really eats a lot... but there is a reason also for this, we will find that out soon.

Screenshot from
Screenshot from "Mieruko-Chan", the protagonist has a close encounter with a ghost.

Mieruko will often find herself in really creepy situations, I believe that everyone of us in her place would not be able to keep our heads cold.

The plot has many suspense mixed with horror, with some traits of comedy and a good portion of mistery. Where do the ghosts come from? Why can only Mieruko see them? What food did Hana bring to eat today? These and many more questions will torment you during the nights!

7. Golden Kamuy

We already spoke about this on our Top 10 Anime to watch in 2021, but it is worth to mention it again.

Golden Kamuy is a less known series, but a very particular one. With several hints about the Ainu culture, an indigenous civilization of Japan, it is surely characterized by the action scenes combined with comical traits for every character. We will discover interesting and typical habits, animals, plants and territories in Hokkaido, the second island of Japan.

Saichi Sugimoto is a soldier of the first division in the Imperial Japanese Army, that fought in the Japanese-Russian war. He survived and got called as "Sugimoto the Immortal", because of his inability of dying even in the most dangerous moments, and will find himself at some points on the tracks of the Ainu treasure.

Ashirpa is an Ainu girl of new generation. Her father is japanese and taught her most of the things she knows, besides the japanese language. Clearly she also talks the Ainu language, she lives with ther Huci (grandmother) in a village, together with other people, and mainly takes care of hunting.

Screenshot from
Screenshot from "Golden Kamuy" that show Ashirpa and Sugimoto, the main characters.

The two will meet by coincidence and will join in the research of the trasure. Sugimoto is interested in the money, while Ashirpa wants to find out the truth about her father, who died because of the treasure.

The story is focused around the first years of the 1900, in Hokkaido, after the war between Russia and Japan.

We will learn that the treasure map is composed by tattoos that are drawn on the bodies of the prisoners from the Abashiri prison, and everything are looking for them in order to obtain the Ainu's gold.

There will be many fights and we will meet several eccentric and particular characters. The most interesting thing is a that a good part of what is told is based on real facts.

Hijikata Toshizou for example really lived. Ex Vice Commander of the Shinsegumi, in the anime he is a formidable swordsman and he is searching for the tattoed skins.

Tokushirou Tsurumi is the lieutenant of the Seventh Division, and also an official for the intelligence. Very particular character that you will probably appreciate, with his cynical but also funny and ironical behaviour. He is also on the look for the tattooed skins and he wants the money to prepare a coup d'etat.

Yoshikate Shiraishi is based on the character of Yoshie Shiratori, famous for his escapes fromt he prisons. In the anime, his ability is indeed to be able to escape from any prison. Surely the most comical and funny character of the series.

As another example, Takuboku Ishikawa is based on the poet with the same name.

Well, as I hope you understood, it is surely worth it to give this anime a chance, and if you want you can also buy the manga!

8. World Trigger

This is another series that we talked about in our Top 10 Anime to watch in 2021, but it surely is one of my favorite and for this reason I'd like many more people to watch it. It is one of the most underestimated animation work that I know of.

The strenght is the attention to details and the fights being heavily based on strategy. A great plus is also the huge amount of side characters that almost look like main protagonists at some points. The story actually goes around Osamu, Yuma, and Chika.

Screenshot from
Screenshot from "World Trigger" showing Chika using Meteor.

Osamu is a member of Border, an organization that is defending the nation from the Neighbors, the creatures coming from the Other Side. He is a Level C agent, the lowest rank, and aims to climb up the ranks in order to protect the people he cares about.

Chika is his childhood friend, a little girl that we will soon discover as possessing a huge amount of Trion. It seems like she is linked to Neighbors in some ways, and because of them she lost her best friend.

Yuma comes from the other world, he is a Neighbor, but leaving aside the fear that people have of these "aliens", he seems different. His past is full of mysteries and we do not know why he is on Earth, but we will find out soon enough. His father seems to have relations with Border.

All the other side characters are important in their own way, each one of them with its specific role. It almost seems like there are no background characters here!

The fights in this series are really spectacular, they are based on Trion, a kind of energy that every person has at some level. Trion allows the creation of a fake body with which it is possible to fight with enhanced skills, like a greater agility or a powerful strength.
The body is created by using a Trigger. Even Yuma has one, but his is different: it is a Black Trigger.

The Border trains its agents to use Triggers by organizing tournaments between the Rank B Agents, periodically. Teams are made of a maximum of four members and an operator. They fight eachother inside Arenas created with Trion. Thanks to this training, it is possible to test out different strategies, both offensive and defensive ones, and test one own skills. The Bail-Out technology allows agents to leave the fight without dying.

There are surely filler episodes, both in anime and manga (you should really read it still!) but the series is full of action. Even rewatching it myself a second time, from start to end, I can say it is not wishy-washy, it always keeps up a good pace.

The animation is really well done in my opinion, and they kinda nailed it with the choice of audio and music. Also voices are well dubbed, at least in Japanese, and in most cases they fit the character itself.

One of the main problems is that, unfortunately, the author, Daisuke Ashihara, is not really in good health and is often forced to slow down his work on this masterpiece. At the moment, the manga is at chapter 221 and the anime is almost at the same point.
Anyway the interesting fact is that we already have three seasons, the first one having even 73 episodes! It come out in 2014, then stopped because of the author's health problems. Luckily, after a break of multiple years, Toei Animation resumed animating it by publishing the second and third season in 2021!

The third season, published in October 2021, almost reached the same point as the manga and there is no official release date for the fourth season of World Trigger, even if we all hope to see that soon. As a matter of fact, it will hardly come before 2024. The available chapters in the manga are now scarce.

If you know someone that might be interested in World Trigger, please let him/her know! Send this article to your friends or even some videos. If more people will buy the manga and watch the anime, maybe even the author will be motivated to keep up the work, if his health will allow it!

It is really worth it, I promise!

Some videos of World Trigger from the Youtube channel of Crunchyroll:

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