How to install (and play) Gothic Sequel (2001) with English subtitles and with the Systempack

How to install (and play) Gothic Sequel (2001) with English subtitles and with the Systempack

Published at: 11/02/2020
Updated at: 08/16/2022

Gothic Sequel

These are the steps you have to follow:

  1. Have Gothic 1 installed. I would recommend a clean installation without mods.
  2. Download all the necessary stuff together from Mega. I uploaded the files in a single folder (Sequel + Eng subs + Systempack), alternatively if you don't trust me, you can use the following links (the same I used originally too):
    • Download Gothic Sequel from one of these sources: HiddenPalace, or Mediafire. Or just take a look on this Reddit post or Google for "Gothic Sequel download".
    • Download the English Subs for Gothic Sequel from Mega or Google Drive. Original source: Reddit and Youtube. All the translation work has been done by VaanaCZ and his team.
    • Download the Gothic Sequel Systempack (G1Sequel-SystemPack-1.8.exe) from Mega. You'll have to trust me on this one, I had the file in my hard disk for a long time, didn't even know about it, and I can't find it on the internet now. So I uploaded it for you on Mega, both in the pack with Sequel and Subs, and as a standalone download. This is not needed, so if you don't want to download it, it's fine anyway.
  3. Copy the content of "Gothic Sequel" folder into your Gothic installation folder  (could be C:\Games\Gothic), and overwrite the files.
  4. Then install the Systempack launching G1Sequel-SystemPack-1.8.exe.
  5. Now extract the subs (with 7zip or WinRAR) from GothicSequelEnglish.rar into the installation folder of Gothic. Overwrite the files.
  6. Launch the game, you can do it from Gothic\system\GOTHIC.exe
  7. Enjoy and have fun

If you want, there is even a Polish version made by guys from Poland, check it out on Youtube and download the version from Mega.

I have not realized neither the Sequel, the Subs, nor the Systempack. I just put all together so you can find them easily, because I needed some hours of research and tests to understand how to do everything, from many different websites and from Discord.


Gothic 1 Sequel - Gameplay #1
Gothic 1 Sequel - Gameplay #1 (Youtube)

Also read the complete Gothic 1 guide.

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