Gothic 1 complete guide with solutions and review

Gothic is a 2001 RPG developed by Piranha Bytes, set in a fantasy medieval world, and your main enemies will be the Orcs. You are the Nameless Hero, accused by the city of Khorinis of some crimes. You have been condemned to live in the Colony of the Valley of Mines, the region controlled by King Rhobar that has to provide ore to the city. The ore is used to create swords and armors to fight the Orcs.

The Valley of Mines was just a place where slaves, prisoners and criminals, had to work to collect ore. Magicians decided to prevent escapes by creating a magic barrier around the valley. As Xardas will tell us, something disturbs the delicate structure of magic, and they get trapped inside their own barrier. You can go inside, but you can't go out the barrier. Quickly the slaves take control of the chaotic situation. They are now in control of the Valley and its ore. The king had no choice, he needed the ore. He sends women, food and water inside the barrier, as requested by Gomez, the commander of the Old Camp, who in exchange will send ore to the City.

You will find yourself being pushed inside the Valley from some guards, and you will get punched by Bullit. Welcome to the Colony! Diego will save you and this is where the journey begins. This adventure really made me fall in love with the story and the game itself. As of today, Gothic is still my favorite RPG.

Surely the game is now considered old, and maybe at that time they could have designed some better stuff, but if you can live with bad textures once in a while, you will be fine.

Voices and sound effects are, in my opinion, really amazing.

The gameplay is awesome. You don't have compasses or minimaps to find the way easily like in other games, you can just buy some maps that can help you the first times you play. This is probably one of the best aspects of this game. Fighting mechanics are surely "ancient" today, but very competitive. If you are not used to it, you will have troubles fighing more enemies at the same time, expecially in the beginning.

Being an old game, it misses some things like enemies that adapt to your level, or a constant spawn of new enemies and quests. When you reach a new chapter in the game, some enemies will spawn again in their original spots, but nothing more. They should really remake this game with improved stuff, and it seems like [Gothic remake is going to happen].

Considering those years though, and the fact that Piranha Bytes was not known at that time, they created a masterpiece, loved by many old school players, even if less known compared to titles like Fallout, Oblivion, Morrowind.

I will introduce you now to my complete guide, that I realized originally in 2009 and then I improved with the time. I still consider it a well done manual, valid for people looking for game solutions.

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Watch the complete Gothic 1 walkthrough:

After the intro, you will speak to Diego, an important person from the Old Camp. You will have a lot to do with him.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

- Book 1
- Book 2
- Book 3
- Book 4
- Book 5
- Book 6


After talking with Diego, go left and go over the wooden platform. It is right on your left when you start. Collect the beer and the ore piece on the floor. To pick up an item, press CTRL + Up Arrow (you have to keep the Ctrl button pressed).
After collecting the items, go back to the starting point e follow the path. You can just follow Diego if you prefer. Pass through the wooden gate that has two guards on top. You can talk with them if you want (press CTRL + Up Arrow), otherwise go on. Look on your left, you will find some meatbugs. You can kill them by pressing the Space Bar to enter the fight mode, when you see the name of the meatbug on your screen, press Ctrl + Up Arrow to thrown some punches. You might have to try several times but you can kill them. When you killed them both, press Ctrl + Up Arrow on their corpses to open the collector menu, then Ctrl + Right Arrow to move the meat inside your inventory.

Go on now and turn to the left, you will find a chest. Open it (I think you now how to open things now) and pick up everything. When there are many items to collect, press Ctrl + Maiusc + Right arrow, this will be faster. Proceed until you reach a mine camp entrance. You will find a pickaxe, take it and equip it (open your inventory with the Tab Key, use your arrows to move the categories, and when your weapon is highlighted in blue you can equip it with Ctrl + Up Arrow).
Go out, turn towards the wooden bridge and walk through it. Pick up the sword and kill the ferocious molerat in front of you. Pick up what you find around and cross the bridge again. If you look a bit upwards with your mouse, you can see a climbable rock wall, and another mine camp entrance. Reach this entrance (use Alt key to climb and jump) and pick up the items you find there, also open the chest on the floor. Look upwards again and climb the rocks to reach the top. Kill the scavenger in front of you. There will be another one on the right and two molerats on the left. If you want to kill one enemy at a time (suggested), you can go near him until he starts pointing at you and growling. Don't get too near though. Wait for the second or third growl and it will come at you. Go back so you can confront it alone. If more enemies are growling at you, go back or they will start attacking you together. After killing the molerats, pick up the items around (there is also a piece of ore). Reach and kill the scavenger.

You will see another creature on higher ground. This is a goblin and it is more dangerous than the other beasts. He also has a weapon. Before fighting him, I suggest you to save the game, he can kill you with two hits. Press ESC and Save the game. The goblin seems weak but he is very fast and agile. Some hints to kill him: attack him when he is on higher ground than you, it will be easier to inflict damage. Keep an eye for his lateral movements. If he hits you once, run away or he might kill you. If you need to recover health, open the inventory with Tab and eat some food.
If you kill the goblin... Good job. Go back to where you came from and jump down the rocks (watch out not to fall down from too high or you will die!). Follow the road below the bridge you crossed before and you will find a tree and a scavenger on your right, and another scavenger in front of you. You can pick the items on the right, there is also a sword and some arrows. Equip the sword (it inflicts 12 of damage) and kill the two scavengers. Follow the path with the river on your left, collect some herbs on the road, and you will reach two guys, with a blue armor, on the right. You can talk with them if you like. Don't give the beer to Drax, it is useless.

If you turn to the right you see three scavengers. If yu attack them, the two soldiers with blue armor will shoot arrows to the beasts. You should survive to the attack easily and probably kill two or maybe all of the scavengers, so you get some easy experience points.

You can go back to the hunters and cross the river in front of you to reach a piece of land with two scavengers. Kill them and go back to the hunters. From here, there is another scavenger on the left. You should now see the bridge on the left, the one that has two guards in a red armor. There should be another scavenger that you can kill before the guards do. When you cross the bridge, you have the Old Camp in front of you. Behind you there is a forest. If you turn to the forest, you will see two scavengers, and you can kill them if you like. They are a bit stronger than Young Scavengers.

Now you can decide if you want to go inside the Old Camp or kill some beasts around to make experience points. It is up to you. Save the game in the meanwhile.

Just a warning about the Old Camp, in case you decide to explore it. There will be two guards, Bloodwyn and Jackal, that will ask you to give them money to buy their protection. You don't need to pay. Bloodwyn will ask for money every day. When and if you refuse to pay Bloodwyn, you will make some enemies, Herek and Grim. They are two miners and they will try to kill you.
Herek will talk to you and then attack you.
Grim will take you to an ambush outside the camp, talking about a ring to recover. If you feel strong enough you can follow Grim and fight him to take some easy points. Watch out though, because when you reach his two friends, he will talk to you and you have to confront three enemies at the same time.


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