Gothic 1: Location of the Focus Stones

Gothic 1: Location of the Focus Stones

Published at: 10/31/2021
Updated at: 08/21/2022

Where to find the Focus Stones in Gothic 1

The focus stones are magical items used by magicians to build the barrier that surrounds the Valley of Mines. In the initial movie of the game we can see what has happened. The stones then lost their true power, but in the third chapter of Gothic 1 you will find out that the Magicians of Water have a plan to destroy the barrier, and will ask you to recover the five focus stones.

Warning: when you deliver all the stones to Saturas, you will not be able to enter the Old Camp anymore. Before delivering the last stone, I advise you to complete all the quests in the Old Camp and do everything else you need.

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Chapter 3: How to find the Focus Stones
Chapter 3: How to find the Focus Stones (Youtube)


Map of the Valley of Mines
Map of the Valley of Mines

The Focus Stone of the Swamp Camp

The first focus stone, the easier one to get, can be found at the Swamp Camp. Cor Angar will ask you to take it with the almanac, inside the chest in the laboratory of Cor Kalom (watch where to find the first focus stone at 01:05:00 of this video).

Reach Cor Kalom's alchemy lab and open the chest on the right.

The Canyon Focus Stone (with Diego)

Watch where to find the Canyon's focus stone at 00:01:00 of the video.

Exit the Old Camp from the wooden entrance, walk past the bridge on the river in front of you, guarded by two guards. Go forward and keep the right until you reach two hunters from the New Camp. Turn left, continue running and you will meet a group of scavengers, stay on the right and you will see some groups of Snappers. Be aware, they are dangerous, I advise you to eliminate them one by one. Go upwards and meet Diego.

Talk with Diego, he will distract the Troll and the Goblins. Take the Shrinking spell scroll on the ground, use it on the Troll to shrink it so you can kill it easier. Diego will walk to the winch, you need to try to use it but it won't work, and Diego will help you. Now turn the winch, Diego will walk towards the entrance that leads to the pedestal with the focus stone. Watch out for the arpies. You will find the focus stone on the ground, take it.

The Monastery Focus Stone (with Gorn)

Watch where to find the Monastery's focus stone at 00:15:52 of the video.

Starting from the bridge on the river outside the Old Camp, guarded by the two guards, follow the river towards the right (same direction you would go to reach the Swamp Camp) and when you reach the fork of the river, go on the left. There is a slight climb and you will see a crumbling fortress: this is the monastery. You will find Gorn fighting with some Snappers. Help him and talk with him. Follow him to the cavern on the lower level, you will find a chest with a key and two spell scrolls of transformation into a meatbug. Go back to the upper level and cross the fallen tree that will let you reach the other side of the cliff: watch out not to fall down. Don't worry about Gorn, he will not die.

You will find a closed gate and some meatbugs on the ground: equip the spell scroll to transform into a meatbug, use it and after the transformation you can enter the hole below, on the wall. Press ENTER to go back to transform back into human, use the winch to open the gate. Gorn will help you to kill the Snappers. Run forward until you reach a cavern, where you will find more Snappers. Reach the end of the tunnel, you will find a Shadowbeast, kill it and open the door. Inside the chest on the left you can take the focus stone.

The Mountain Fort Focus Stone (with Lester)

Watch where to find the mountain fort's focal stone at 00:38:45 of the video.

Warning: you will need a hammer to eliminate the Stone Golem. You can find it on the way, keep reading.

You can take the right path starting from the Old Camp or the Swamp Camp, you'll need to go halfway between the two camps, near the bridges that take you to the Goblins' cave and the Orcs' cemetery.

Starting from the Swamp Camp, go up the climb and reach the first bridge, do not cross it, keep walking and turn left climbing the slope. You will see some lizards, go straight and then keep the left, you will see a narrow passage and a hound. Reach the open area populated by several hounds.

If you need the hammer, run forward and enter the cave you find on the left, guarded by some hounds. Open the door, in the chest you will find the hammer (watch at 00:40:00 of the video).

Now go back for a few steps, you will see a bridge and a fortress. Use the hammer to eliminate the Stone Golem guarding the bridge, reach Lester and talk to him. Go upwards to the fortress, and watch out for arpies.

At the ground floor turn left and reach the library, inside the chest you will find a key. If you want, you can turn the lever on the wall, a secret door will open revealing some living skeletons and some more chests to open.

Now go up to the first floor, you will Lester on the balcony. Open the chest and take the document, give it to Lester, he will give you some telekinesis spell scrolls in exchange. Equip them and use the telekinesis to take the focus stone that you can see looking outside: you need to keep the CTRL key pressed when the name of the stone is highlighted, and use the arrow keys to move it towards you. Let it go when the stone is close enough and take it, it might have fallen at the ground floor. If you want you can go up to the second and third floor to get some more items and eliminate some arpies.

The Stone Ring Focus Stone (con Milten)

Watch where to find the stone ring's focal stone at 00:57:00 of the video.

Going out the New Camp, after the rice fields, turn right and go up the narrow road until you reach a cavern with some snappers. Inside you will find a hound. Go outside and keep going upwards, you will find Milten fighting, help him and talk to him.

Milten will give you a spell scroll, the "Death to the Undead". Equip it, you'll have to use it to eliminate the Undead guard.

Follow Milten and go down inside the crypt, there will be several skeletons and a zombie, the "Guardian". You can eliminate the skeletons normally, but to take out the Guardian you'll need the scroll that Milten has given to you. After clearing the area, open the chests and you will find the Focus Stone.

Delivering the stones to Saturas

Now that you have all the stones, you can deliver them to Saturas, the leader of the Magicians of Water. He will give you a teleport scroll everytime you bring him a stone, so teleport to him and give him the focus stones.

Before delivering them all, I advise you to complete everything you need to do a the Old Camp, you won't be able to enter it anymore.

Saturas will ask you to look for Xardas and will give you a teleport rune to the Magicians of Water. The fourth chapter of Gothic 1 starts now.

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