Gothic: How to pick up items

Gothic: How to pick up items

Published: 03/14/2021,
Last updated: 10/31/2021

How to pick up items in Gothic 1 and 2

TL;DR: In Gothic 1 you need to press CTRL + Up Arrow when the item is highlighted.  In Gothic 2, just press CTRL, unless you enabled the original Gothic 1 keybindings in the options.

Gothic is a game with some years on its shoulders, and you can see that from its system and its user interface.

Probably you also encountered some difficulties at the beginning when trying to pick up items in this game. I still remember when I played this game during my childhood, and I had to ask my cousin, who showed me this game, how to pick up swords and other stuff, or how to open chests.

How to do it:

  1. First thing, you can only pick up items with a name, like pickaxes, swords, ore pieces, beers, etc.
  2. Get close to the item until you can see its name
  3. On Gothic 1, keep the CTRL key pressed, and then press the Up Arrow
  4. On Gothic 2, just press the CTRL key.

Keep playing Gothic even if you have some troubles at the beginning, because it is by far the best RPG you ever played.

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