Gothic 1: How to defeat the Golems

Gothic 1: How to defeat the Golems

Published at: 10/11/2022
Updated at: 10/11/2022

Defeating the golems to the Tower of Xardas

The tower of Xardas is located in the Orcs land. It is guarded by three golems. Let's see how to eliminate them.

Before starting, please know that you can get information about the Tower of Xardas in the library at the Water Mages, in particular regarding the Golems:

  • The Stone Golem, it can be defeated with a hammer or a mace
  • The Fire Golem, to defeat him you will need to use water or ice spells
  • The Ice Golem, it can be defeated with fire magic

Basically, the Stone Golem can be eliminated with a melee weapon. The swords have no effect. It is the same type of golem you encountered when you reached the Fortress to find the focus stone with Lester.

The Ice and Fire golems, on the other hand, can be defeated only with spell scrolls or runes. As the logic would say, the fire can be fought with the water element, and the ice can be fought with fire. Who played Pokémon should know this very well! 🤣

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Chapter 4: Xardas' Tower (Youtube)

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