Gothic 1: Where to find Xardas

Gothic 1: Where to find Xardas

Published at: 10/11/2022
Updated at: 10/11/2022

Finding Xardas in Gothic 1

Xardas is the Necromancer with which you will need to talk in the fourth chapter after delivering the focal stones to Saturas.

To reach his tower it is better to start from the Old Camp, from the stone entrance. There are several possible paths of course, but we will use the easiest one.

Starting from the stone entrance of the Old Camp, leave the guards behind your back and go forward until you have a wooden bridge on the left, and a tree on the right, here you will a guard, Paco, seated on the ground.

Since you have been banned from the Old Camp, Paco will attack you. After dealing with him, proceed to the right and reach a stone arc under which you will find some orc dogs. On the right there is a small cavern. Defeat the enemies and keep going forward.

You will now meet some orcs, it is a good idea to eliminate them from a distance, or fall back and try to eliminate them one by one. Anyway, you will now have some lizards on the right, and in front of you there is a high black tower on the horizon. That is the tower of Xardas.

Important: to proceed you will need to find a hammer or a mace of any kind! You can find one near the fortress where you have taken the focus stone with Lester: there is a cavern, in the hounds territory, where you can pick up a hammer. Otherwise, you can buy a mace from merchants like Sharky or Daron.

Now you can proceed on the road going below and taking you towards the tower.

You will find some razors under the trees. Be aware that they are quite dangerous enemies. Keep the left and eliminate the four biters, then take the narrow road on the right, it will take you to the tower.

Here you will meet the three Golems guarding the tower of Xardas.

In short: the stone golem can be eliminated with a mace or hammer, the fire golem is defeated by using water spells, and the ice golem is weak to fire spells.

Collect the hearts of the three golems! It is important because you will now need to deliver them to the Demon inside the tower!

You will receive from him a Teleport Rune. Using it you will reach the upper level, climb the ladder on the adjacent room and reach Xardas!

Chapter 4: Where to find Xardas
Chapter 4: Where to find Xardas (Youtube)

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