Gothic 1: Find and reach the New camp with Mordrag

Gothic 1: Find and reach the New camp with Mordrag

Published at: 10/30/2021
Updated at: 08/21/2022

Find and reach the New camp with Mordrag

Mordrag is a Rogue from the New Camp, but we will find him for the first time at the Old Camp, at the stone entrance between the marketplace and the arena.

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You might have some difficulties in finding or remembering the path to reach the New Camp. In particular, there are some enemies on the way. Luckily, Mordrag will take you to the New Camp, helping you to find the right way and to eliminate the enemies.

Before talking with him, I advise you to speak with Thorus, he will ask you to take care of Mordrag. Thorus is the leader of the guards, and you will find him at the castle's entrance, guarded by him and two other guys.

Reach Mordrag and tell him that Thorus wants him to go away, then ask him to take you to the New Camp.

How to reach the New Camp

For the first time, I suggest that you go with Mordrag.

Go out of the Old Camp from the stone entrance and turn right. Eliminate the four scavengers on the path, you will find a fifth one after some steps. Go down the road on the left, you will find another scavenger. Proceed until you reach Cavalorn's hut, there will be two goblins. Walk on the road to the left, proceeding upwards until you see a scavenger and some molerats near a cavern. Go forward and you will reach Aidan's hut, watch out for the wolf. Keep your right and you will find an abandoned firecamp with a wooden bridge. Cross the bridge and turn left, keep the stone wall on your right until you see the wooden entrance to the rice fields of the New Camp, guarded by some rogues. Go inside, past the rice fields, and you will find a second entrance guarded by Jarvis and other mercenaries. Walk past the dam, where you find Homer, and you will see a large cavern in front of you: this is the heart of the New Camp.

Reach the New camp with Mordrag
Reach the New camp with Mordrag (Youtube)

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