Gothic 1: Where to find Aidan

Gothic 1: Where to find Aidan

Published at: 08/21/2022
Updated at: 08/21/2022

Where to find Aidan

On the road between the Old Camp and the New Camp you can find Cavalorn and Aidan, two hunters.

  • Aidan only teaches some hunting abilities
  • Cavalorn sells bows and arrows and can teach you hunting abilities

From the Old Camp:

If you go outside the wooden gate, turn left and keep the Camp on your left. At some point you will see a road on the right going downwards.

Otherwise, if you go outside the stone gate, turn right and keep the large stone wall on your left. You will see two guards on the left, keep going forward and after some steps you will see a road going downwards, on your left.

Take that road and on the right you will see Cavalorn. Keep the right and overcome the cave, you will have a scavenger outside and some molerats inside. Go forward and kill the wolf. In front of you will find Aidan under a wooden roof.

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