Gothic 2 NOTR: How to open the portal for Jharkendar

Gothic 2 NOTR: How to open the portal for Jharkendar

Published at: 02/14/2022
Updated at: 05/13/2023

How to open the portal to Jharkendar in the ruins of Khorinis

To reach the region of Jharkendar, added with the Night of The Raven DLC for Gothic 2, we need to collect the four pieces of the key, called ornaments, and deliver them to Saturas.

Collecting the four pieces of the key

  • The first piece will be given to us by Lares when we are tasked to recover it by Nefarius, so just head to the port of Khorinis and talk with him
  • The second piece is in the hands of Lord Hagen, we will find this out because near Lobart's farm there is a stone ring and we will find Cavalorn there, telling us that the paladins got the artifact by defeating the guardian
  • The third piece is near Sekob's farm, we need to activate the switch on the stone ring and defeat the Stone Sentinel
  • The fourth piece is near Jack's Lighthouse, there is another stone ring in the woods, let's press the switches and defeat the Stone Sentinel

The map

Nefarius will give us a map with the location of the three missing ornaments:

Nefarius' map showing the locations for the ornaments
Nefarius' map showing the locations for the ornaments

Opening the portal

After we have collected the four pieces, let's deliver them to Nefarius, he will call the other mages and they will perform a ritual. When they are done, we can talk to Saturas to get the key.

If Saturas refuses to give us the key because we need to gain the trust of Vatras before, we will need to go on with the quest about the missing people.

Let's use the key on the portal and it's done! We can now travel to Jharkendar!

Gothic 2 NOTR Gameplay #21: Opening the portal to Jharkendar
Gothic 2 NOTR Gameplay #21: Opening the portal to Jharkendar (Youtube)

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  • 2023-05-13 16:09:16

    Author: eartahhj

    @Vashra I am writing by memory, and I might be mistaken, but I think that since Hagen has the second piece of the key, you need to talk to him anyway. I don't remember exactly if Vatras talks to you only after you spoke to Hagen. I have now added to this article the video of my gameplay if that can be of help.

  • 2023-05-13 16:02:23

    Author: Vashra

    I would note that Vatras gives you two quests...the missing people quest and a weapons dealer quest. These two are sorta linked because they cover the same areas and perhaps some of the same people, but they are also *not* linked....meaning you can make pretty much zero progress on the weapon dealer quest and just focus on the missing people quest. There is a mild quest-related reason to wait till chapter 3 to turn in the weapon dealer quest....(trying not to post spoilers). Also...can you confirm whether or not you need to speak to Lord Hagen at all to open Jarkendar? I got the impression that Vatras wouldn't really deal with you till you at least talked to Hagen once, but I'm not sure you have to talk to Hagen so far that you trigger chapter 2 before you can open Jarkendar.