Gothic 1: How to get rid of Mud

Gothic 1: How to get rid of Mud

Published at: 08/18/2021
Updated at: 08/14/2022

Mud keeps following you and you are annoyed? Let's get rid of him!

In Gothic 1 there is a singular character which many find annoying. He is nice at the beginning but then starts to get annoying with time. Yeah, we are talking about him, Mud.

Mud is a prisoner in the colony, he lives in the Old Camp. We can find him between the castle entrance, where Thor is, and the Arena, near the cook Snaf.

The best ways to get rid of Mud are:

  • Beat him until KO
  • Kill him
  • Activate cheats (MARVIN mode) and possess him (press the O key), edit his abilities, expecially his level, by using the console (press F2 and write edit abilities) so he will help us in any fight when he follows us, instead of running away. We can also donate him some of our equipment, just by dropping items with our character and then equip them while we are impersonating Mud.

In fact, you should know that the rare characters following us during the game, because in theory they help us, guide us, or we are bringing them somewhere, will always run from fights if the opponent's level is greater than theirs. Mud is level 0, so he will always run away from fights. Unless we change his abilities with cheats...

Wanna bet you didn't think about this opportunity?

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