Quake 3 Arena: how to use the Personal Medkit

Quake 3 Arena: how to use the Personal Medkit

Published 04/03/2022
Updated 08/22/2022

How to use the Personal Medkit

The personal medkit is an item that you can pick up in the map and it will instantly give you a health boost when used.

To use it after picking it up, press the Enter key.

The personal medkit
The personal medkit

In detail, if your health is below 100, the medkit will boost your health points to 125. If you have at least 100 healthpoints, it will grant a 25% bonus. In any case, in normal games, health can't go over 200 points and when it is over 100 it will progressively go down to 100.

For this reason the personal medkit should be used only at certain moments, like when you cannot find the normal medkits on the map, or when you are having troubles escaping a fight.

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