Quake 3 Arena: how to use the Personal Teleporter

Quake 3 Arena: how to use the Personal Teleporter

Published: 04/03/2022,
Last updated: 04/21/2022

How to use the personal teleporter

The personal teleporter is an item that you can pick up in the map and it will allow you to immediately teleport in a random respawn point on the map.

To use it, after picking it up, press the Enter key.

The personal teleporter


It can be very useful to save you from death when you fall in the void or enter places that generate a permanent damage without letting you out.

If you are holding a flag and you teleport, the flag will remain on the floor and will not be teleported.

On a side note, it could sometimes be used to kill players, because everytime you use any kind of teleport and you get teleported exactly on another player, you will kill that player. The same can happen the opposite way of course.

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