How to build walls in Age of Empires 2: Return of Rome

How to build walls in Age of Empires 2: Return of Rome

Published at: 05/07/2023
Updated at: 05/07/2023

Building walls in Age of Empires 2: Return of Rome

In order to build walls and protect your economy, you first need to reach the Tool Age and research the Stone Wall technology in the Granary.

Then just select some villagers and click on the Stone wall icon to start building: place one tile on the terrain and drag your mouse to make a path of stone walls.

In the Bronze and Iron Age you can upgrade walls to make them more resistant, if your civilization has the upgrade.

In AOE2:ROR they also added gates, that did not exist in AOE1.

Civilizations that receive bonuses for walls are:

  • Shang, their walls have +60% hitpoints
  • Babylonians, their walls and towers have +60% hitpoints, they also have a bonus for collecting stone faster and carrying more of it

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