Gothic 1: How to find Lares in the New Camp

Gothic 1: How to find Lares in the New Camp

Published at: 10/30/2021
Updated at: 08/21/2022

How to find Lares in the New Camp

Lares is the boss of the thieves of the New Camp. If you want, you can reach the New Camp with Mordrag, he will escort you from the Old Camp. He will also give you a ring to deliver to Lares.

To find Lares, pass the first entrance that leads to the rice fields, go upwards to the second entrance guarded by mercenaries, and cross the dam where you can find Homer. Reach the large cavern, you will see the houses of thieves and mercenaries.

Turn left and reach the upper level, in front of you there will be Baal Kagan with two thieves, and Sharky the merchant.

On Sharky's left you will see two thieves guarding a house. One of them will tell you that you cannot pass, answer him that you want to see Lares. Talk with Roscoe, Lares's bodyguard, tell him you want to join the camp or that you have a ring to give to Lares.

Enter the house and behind the table you will find the leader of the thieves. You can talk with him to join the camp.

How to find Lares in the New Camp
How to find Lares in the New Camp (Youtube)

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