Gothic 1: How to forge weapons

Gothic 1: How to forge weapons

Published at: 08/21/2022
Updated at: 08/21/2022

Forging weapons

Here is how to forge weapons:

  1. first of all, you need raw steel. You can get it by opening the chests from Huno at the Old Camp or Darrion at the Swamp Camp
  2. use the forge that will transform the raw steel into a hot blade
  3. use the water bucket
  4. use the anvil
  5. in the end, use the grindstone to forge the raw sword

The raw sword is the only weapon that you can forge and inflicts 20 of damage, and requires 20 of strength.

Where to find blacksmiths

The blacksmith of the Old Camp can be reached by starting from the stone entrance. Keep the gate behind you, turn right and overcome the half destroyed tower (it's DIego's house). On the right you will find a ladder. Climb it and turn left. On the left you will find Huno, the blacksmith.

At the Swamp Camp you will find Darrion. Starting from the entrance where Lester is, reach the middle of the Camp and pass by Baal Cadar on the right. Turn left and overcome the crossroad, you will see a large wooden roof, here you can find the forge and other blacksmith tools.

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