Gothic 1: How to pass the Test of Faith for the Old Camp

Gothic 1: How to pass the Test of Faith for the Old Camp

Published at: 02/27/2023
Updated at: 02/27/2023

The List of Faith at the Old Mine

The List of Faith is needed to be accepted at the Old Camp, and can help you entering the New Camp, if before delivering it to Diego you will give it to Lares.

The goal is to verify if you can be trusted, because it will be given to you by Ian, at the Old Mine, and you must deliver it to Diego at the Old Camp. By giving it to Lares, you would be breaking the promise, even if there will be no consequences for this action.

In order to get the list, you need to reach the Old Mine and climb down four levels, talk to Ian and tell Diego that he gave you the task to get the list. After that, you can choose if you want to deliver it immediately to Diego. I advise you to give it to Lares first, there are no negative effects and you will also get some more experience points.

In short:

  • Talk with Thorus and Diego at the Old Camp to get the quest
  • Reach the Old Mine, climb to the fourth level and talk with Ian
  • Ask Ian to give you the List
  • (optional) reach Lares at the New Camp and give him the list, he will give it back to you modified
  • Go back to the Old Camp and deliver the List to Diego
  • Mission completed!

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