Gothic 2: The Chronicles of Myrtana - Archolos

Gothic 2: The Chronicles of Myrtana - Archolos

Published 12/04/2021
Updated 08/16/2022
Keliweb: Dedicated servers
Keliweb: Dedicated servers

A huge mod is bringing back the amazing Gothic 2!

The Chronicles of Myrtana is coming out on December 10th, 2021. This is one of the most elaborated mod for the game that made the history or RPGs. Yes, we are talking exactly about Gothic 2.

This is how the project feels like, not a standalone game, but a modification of the original game.

After 4 years of work, the authors announced the official release date. This is really a positive note for the lovers of this series, also knowing that THQ Barcellona is working on the remake of Gothic 1.

If this was not enough, to celebrate the 19th anniversary of the game, a new official Systempack for Gothic 2 was released, bringing an optimized compatibility between the game and modern systems.

Details about The Chronicles of Myrtana - Archolos

The most interesting part is that the mod adds to Gothic 2 the following content:

  • more than 60 hours of gameplay
  • 170+ quests
  • 200+ random events
  • 1400+ NPCs

From official announcements, we can find out that the game was realized with a high level of details, just an example: the team has recruited some professional audio technicians, they have made high level dubbing, and the dialogues are made in total of more than 23,000 lines!

It is really amazing to think that in 2021 this title is still being followed and loved so much from fans!

Downloading The Chronicles of Myrtana - Archolos

The Chronicles of Myrtana: Archolos can be freely downloaded from Steam or GOG, you need to have in your library a copy of Gothic 2: Gold Edition.


The voices for audio dialogues are missing, what should I do?

Most likely you need to install the Language Pack. At the moment, only the Polish language is available.

Dubbing on Steam

If you downloaded your game from Steam, you'll find an additional DLC with the Language Pack. Install it, start the game, and you will finally be able to hear the voices for every character.

Dubbing on GOG

  1. Open GOG, click on "Installed games", then right click on Archolos and on Manage installation -> Configure
  2. In the following window, choose Polish. It will take some time to download.
  3. When the download is completed, open the installation folder (something like "GOG Galaxy/Games/The Chronicles of Myrtana Archolos/Data") and make a backup of the six KM_Speech1-6PL.mod files in a new folder, you will need them again in a moment
  4. Go back again on Manage installation -> Configure and pick the English language, this time it will be quicker
  5. Move the files you backed up before inside the Data folder again
  6. This way your game will be in English, but with Polish dialogues
  7. Start the game
Thanks to Robohloz for the solution.


Gothic 2: The Chronicles of Myrtana - Archolos - Gameplay #1
Gothic 2: The Chronicles of Myrtana - Archolos - Gameplay #1 (Youtube)

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