Review of Gothic 2: The Chronicles of Myrtana - Archolos

Review of Gothic 2: The Chronicles of Myrtana - Archolos

Published at: 12/11/2021
Updated at: 08/14/2022

The history of Myrtana and the Valley of Mines can start from here

The Chronicles of Myrtana: Archolos is a new huge mod released for the 2002's RPG videogame Gothic 2.

We play as Marvin. He got on a ship with his brother, trying to reach the island of Archolos. He is trying to establish a new life, escaping the war coming to Londram: the orcs are advancing towards Myrtana, and the royal fleet has just been defeated on the sea by the orcs themselves.

But what are we going to find in this new adventure?

This mod brings:

  • more than 60 hours of gameplay
  • 170+ quests
  • 200+ random events
  • 1400+ NPCs

But also, some interesting new features, like crafting foods, crafting weapons, fishing and mining.

Crafting foods

In this game we will find recipes to create useful foods. This looks particularly interesting to be able to make money by selling crafted foods.

So, let's just get a recipe, use it to learn how to make the new food, and then head to a stove or a pan to start cooking. We will need the necessary ingredients.

Crafting weapons

We are finally able to create weapons: sure, even in Gothic 1 we were able to forge some simple swords, and in Gothic 2 we were able to create more useful weapons, even ones made with ore. But in Archolos we can make better weapons and learn a lot of usefull skills about forging.

We can also craft bows at the workshop.


This might sound weird when talking about Gothic, but we can even fish in this mod! We will need the fishing rod and then we can head to a fishing pond.

We can get a fishing rod for free by talking with Jorn and advancing with his quests.


Let's get a pickaxe and start mining! We can even improve our mining skills and extract a greater quantity of useful raw materials.

Hunting and trophies

In Gothic 1 and 2 we were able to get valuable trophies, like claws, teeths, skins and more. We can do the same in this mod, and there are a lot of new trophies to collect and several new beasts to hunt.


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