34 tips and tricks for Gothic 2 - The Chronicles of Myrtana: Archolos

34 tips and tricks for Gothic 2 - The Chronicles of Myrtana: Archolos

Published at: 12/12/2021
Updated at: 08/15/2023

Useful tips for The Chronicles of Myrtana: Archolos

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Free armor

You can get a free armor in the City of Archolos. Enter the city from the south gate, turn left, you will find two chests where you can collect an armor and a crossbow.

Marvin in Archolos at the south-west gate looking at the chests
Marvin in Archolos at the south-west gate looking at the chests

How to earn money

You can earn money by collecting trophies and skins, crafting food dishes, weapons and potions.

Another good way is going to the Merchants guild Gold Mine. Increase your extraction level at 80% at least before going there.

Do not sell trophies and skins to any random merchant, there are specific characters to sell them to, like Carden near Silbach.


Read all the bookstands you can find, often inside houses. You will easily get experience points.

Buy books

You should buy the books when you can, expecially if they are cheap. They will give you experience points or other useful bonuses.

You can also find beastiary books to learn useful hints about the strengths and weaknesses of the many beasts you will encounter.

Free bonuses

Some of the hidden bonuses from Gothic 2 still apply here. As an example: apples will give you a strength bonus and dark mushrooms will give you a mana bonus. If you eat a dish made with the same amount of apples or mushrooms that you should have eaten, you will still get the same bonus.

At some point, in Silbach, Kurt will teach you how to fish. By talking with him in that moment, you will be able to choose two bonuses, like +5 strength points and +5 dexterity points, for free. Think what you might need the most. You can also choose +5 mana points or +20 health points, or improve your skills with weapons.

Ingredients for foods

Pick up all the items you can find, expecially the ingredients to craft foods: herbs, mushrooms, meat and so on.


Buy recipes and make foods. This way you will be able to use all the ingredients you find, and you'll have useful dishes to recover health points or to sell and make money.


Use telekinesis to locate items from a distance. By talking with Riordian and going on with his quests, he will give a telekinesis spell scroll. You can equip it, without actually using it, and you take it out while you are running, in order to find hidden items. This way you can walk toward the item and pick it up.

Sell food dishes to Jil

In Silbach, the first village you encounter, you will find Albyn's house. Can't miss it, it's the wealthiest one. In the kitchen you can find Jil. You'll be able to sell her a good part of the dishes you produce, at the full price instead of the normal price. This is particularly useful to make money quickly, expecially when you have a lot of ingredients.

Sell skins to the right people

You can sell the skins you gather from animals to:

  • Carden, the hunter you can find by going from Silbach towards the City
  • Frida, the merchant in Archolos City
  • Baes, at the 4th chapter, in the Wolf's Den, you will be able to sell him one skin per wolf type. You should indeed keep the skins of Wargs, Orc docs, Ice Wolf, Desert Wolf.

Sell trophies to the right people

You can sell trophies like claws, wings, tusks and teeths to:

  • Markus, you can find him after the south-eastern gate of Silbach, guarded by Folkard
  • You can sell the stings from swamp bloodflies to Vicente in Heaven's tavern, starting from Chapter 3
  • You can sell mantis heads to Simon in Heaven, near Cortez's house, starting from Chapter 3.

Animal trophies are very useful. You can also use them to craft melee and ranged weapons.

Eat different food dishes to get Health Point Bonuses

You can get free Health Point bonuses by eating different food dishes, sometimes a message will appear telling you that a varied diet is healthy, this way you will get the bonuses just by eating.

Free recipe from Jil

When you talk to Jil the first time, the cook in Albyn's house, you can choose to bring her some fresh boar meat and ask for the recipe of the boar stew in return. Choose this reward so you can have the recipe for free, and craft the stew yourself whenever you want.

Learn lockpicking without spending learning  points

Going on with the quests from Jorn, he will teach you how to pick locks for free and without using learning points. As soon as you learn lockpicking you'll be able to open chests and doors you find around.

In the 3rd chapter, Ivy will teach you how to become a master in lockpicking without spending Learning Points, at the cost of 500 gold pieces.

Look for the traveling traders

You will meet them sometimes in the cities or along some roads. They might have interesting items, such as books that you haven't read and that might teach you something useful.

Check the noticeboard

Take a look at the noticeboard when you can: you might find interesting or useful quests: as an example, you can seel the "Blue elders" to Lokvar at their full price.

Ezekiel's daughter tomb

Ezekiel at some point will ask you to help him with the tomb of his daughter. Before paying Lokvar for the spot, go back to Ezekiel and inform him about the necessary payment. He will give you a piece of ore metal.

Sell Petra's weed to Rasco

When you'll have to get inside the city for the first time, a pass will be required to you. At Silbach you can find out that Petra can help you with an alternative solution. You'll have to sell some goods.

Among the goods, you are tasked to sell some weed to the farmers, at the price of 5 gold pieces per joint. After selling to the first farmer, he will tell you to talk with Rasco. Head to Rasco, you can find him usually near the river, close to the house of Kurt, Marvin's uncle.

You can ask Rasco for 15 gold pieces, he will counter-offer with 8 pieces. Accept the price, it's the best you can get.

Dive to get hidden items underwater

Unlike previous Gothic games, you can find hidden items underwater, so go enjoy a good swim that could make you rich!

Quest triggers

Talk to every NPC, more times, even if they have nothing to say in that moment. Sometimes, asking questions like "How are you doing" could start hidden side quests. Also, there are some random events in the game with random NPCs that will talk to you and give you bonus quests.

Respawning beasts

Don't assume the area you just cleared is safe. Some quests might trigger new beasts to spawn even on a path you thought was secure, so be always ready to fight or you might find yourself in dangerous situations!

Using Weeds

In Chapter 2 you will meet a Poor Farmer in Silbach, sitting near the inn and the blacksmith, that will try to sell you a recipe for weeds. Get the recipe, you will be able to cook the weeds you collect around and make food dishes that restore 13 health points, so weeds are not so useless after all!

Magic Circles

You can look for the books of the magic circles. The first circle is divided in two books, while the second circle has three books. Each book will require 10 learning points to be used, but will not ask you for gold pieces.

Learn where to find the books of Magic Circles.


You might need maps to find places easier.

You can get a free map of the City of Archolos by pickpocketing Ludwig.

Pearls of Water

Pearls of Water are consumables that grant a bonus of +35 health points and +5 mana points.

Read where to find Pearls of Water.

Working in the city of Archolos

The recommended jobs are the blacksmith and the hunter.  You can sell to your masters, for a good price, the weapons you create: melee to Odgar and ranged to Frida.

In the city you can get a job at:

  • Frida the Bowyer
  • Odgar the Blacksmith
  • Davis the Carpenter
  • Slager the Butcher
  • the Alchemist

You get to pick a second master to work for later. The carpenter seems least useful. He buys wood and valuables for increased price. The butcher seems best for good and easy cash. He buys meat for full value. The alchemist buys potions for you. He will give you herbs after you complete his quests.

Joining a guild

You can join two guilds in the city of Archolos:

  • Araxos Merchant Guild, the leader is Lorenzo
  • The City Guard, the leader is Roderich

You cannot join the mages.

Choosing a fighting style

You can fight even by going for a dexterity build. There are a lot of good melee weapons based on dexterity. At the same time, to use crossbows you will need strength.

So, to sum it:

  • Dexterity is for some melee weapons and for all the bows
  • Strength is for melee weapons and crossbows
  • Mana is for scrolls and runes, it costs a lot of effort at the beginning because good scrolls and runes are not easy to find

Permanent potions and food dishes

There are several permanent potions and food dishes to buy or to craft.

You could save money in order to buy better potions in the late game and increase your stats.

As an example, the boar stew will increase your hitpoints by 1 unit per each stew. There are also dishes that will increase strength and dexterity.

Fane the skeleton

You can get the Harm Evil scroll spell from Candac, by pickpocketing him or by completing his quest "Golden Innoses".

This scroll will allow you to complete the quest for Fane the Skeleton "Eternal Rest" that you can meet in the Misty Marshes.

Useful Teachers

Here is a list of some useful teachers:

  • Norman in the City of Archolos, near Volker's house, will teach you almost everything you need to increase your base stats, for a good price too
  • Dack in the shipyard of the city will teach you how to increase your extraction skill

The wood for the quest Danger Around

At first I had some problems finding the wood to complete the quest "Danger Around" given to you by Rita in her Vineyard. I later found the wood inside a crate in the storage, it was not so obvious to me so if you are having the same issue i hope this can help you.

Learning Acrobatis

In the 3rd chapter, at the Heaven, Thiago will teach you the Acrobatics.

Work at the Woodcutters Camp

Check often the Woodcutters Camp, Knut might have some work for you to do once in a while.

Gameplay video

Gothic 2: The Chronicles of Myrtana - Archolos - Gameplay #1
Gothic 2: The Chronicles of Myrtana - Archolos - Gameplay #1 (Youtube)

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    For a quick buck you need to do this: 1 Dont open the chest on the beggining of the game using open lock scroll given by Urs. 2 Go for questline with Riordian (mages in 1 village). He will teach you how to copy scolls. 3. Copy open locks. 4. Open locks :)