Gothic 1: How to get a better equipment

Gothic 1: How to get a better equipment

Published at: 08/21/2022
Updated at: 08/21/2022

Getting a better equipment

Let's see how to improve our equipment in Gothic 1.


You can find the first armor (for free!) at the New Camp's mine, asking the boss of the mine to work as a miner. This armor also allows you to enter the tavern in the New Camp. See How to get a Free Armor.

Alternatively, here is where to buy the first armors, that are just a little better than the one from the New Mine:

  • from Fisk in the Old Camp
  • from the Templars at the entrance of the Swamp Camp


You can obtain weapons for free around the colony, by picking it up or collecting them after taking down some NPCs.

I advise you to open the chests at the blacksmith in the Swamp Camp, you will find some axes with a damage of 29, and only require 12 of strength. At the beginning, these are the best weapons you can find without taking down NPCs.

A free bow can be obtained near Cavalorn, opening his chest that contains a key, used to open the door in the cave behind his hut.

You can forge raw swords that inflicts 20 of damage and require 20 of strength, by buying raw steel and transform it with blacksmith tools: forge, anvil, water bucket and the grindstone.

You can get raw steel from the chests of Huno at the Old Camp and Darrion at the Swamp Camp. See How to forge weapons.

You can also obtain good weapons by force: at the New Camp you can take down Butcher, he really wants to fight with you for no apparent reasons. You will get for free a mace that inflicts 36 damage and it's the best for Chapter 1. Mercenaries use maces with 37 of damage.


  • You can obtain a ring from Aleph at the Old Mine (See Where to find Aleph)
  • A necklace is on the corpse of Nek (for the quest given by Sly at the Old Camp). See where to find Nek.
  • A ring is given to you by Mordrag if you take him to the New Camp after telling him that Thorus wants to get rid of him.

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