Gothic 1: How to join the New Camp

Gothic 1: How to join the New Camp

Published at: 05/28/2022
Updated at: 02/27/2023

Joining the New Camp

The New Camp is the base of the Rogues, leaded by Lares, and the Mercenaries of Lee. It also hosts the Magicians of Water, whose leader is Saturas.

To join the camp we have to persuade Lares to accept us.

Reaching the New Camp

Starting from the Old Camp, we can easily reach the New Camp by asking Mordrag to bring us there, we can find him at the stone entrance, north of the Old Camp. This way we will also receive a ring to deliver to Lares, the boss of the rogues of the New Camp, that will gain us some favor with him.

Joining the Rogues

First of all we need to meet Lares, the leader of the rogues.

Here is how to talk with him and make a good impression on him:

  • Deliver him the ring of Mordrag
  • Deliver him the list of the test of faith of Ian at the Old Mine
  • Completed the swamp weed quest by Baal Isidro

About the swamp weed, Lares will tell us to give him all the income we got from selling the weed of Baal Isidro, which is 400 pieces of ore. My advice is to just give him the ore so that we can quickly complete the quest. The weed can be sold to some merchant, and the weed cigarettes can be distributed to rogues and mercenaries.

This will be enough to join the camp. Anyway, I suggest you to complete all the quests of the New Camp.

Those are secondary quests but will give you extra experience points. These are the characters involved:

  • Lefty, for delivering water to the rice workers
  • Homer, to eliminate the lurker of the dam
  • Jeremiah the distiller and Horation the farmer
  • Baal Isidro and Baal Kagan

Can I just join the Mercenaries and the Magicians of Water?

In the first chapter you can only join the Rogues of Lares. At the fourth chapter though, if you joined the Old Camp you will be able to join the Mercenaries or the Water Mages.

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