Gothic 1: Where is the New Camp and how to find it

Gothic 1: Where is the New Camp and how to find it

Published at: 03/12/2022
Updated at: 02/27/2023

Where is the New Camp

If you come from the Swamp Camp or the Old Camp, just follow the river to the west.

Before reaching the Camp you will see the Old Mine if you are coming from the northern side, or a large lake if you are coming from the south. In any case, you will reach the rice fields guarded by the Rice Lord, then by following the road you will get past the gate guarded by the mercenary Jarvis.

Ricordati che puoi anche farti accompagnare da Mordrag, così incontrerai Cavalorn e potrai ottenere un arco gratuito, e Aidan che potrà insegnarti delle abilità di caccia. Inoltre, Mordrag ti darà un anello da consegnare a Lares.

Remember that you can ask Mordrag to take you there, so you can meet Cavalorn and get a free bow, and Aidan that will teach you some hunting abilities. Finally, Mordrag will give you a ring to deliver to Lares.

Where to find the New Camp
Where to find the New Camp (Youtube)

Go past the dam where you meet Homer, you will have the tavern on your right. In front of you there will be a large cave with many houses. This is the heart of the New Camp. On the left, there are thugs leaded by Lares, while on the right you can find the mercenaries commanded by Lee.

On top of the Camp there are the Water Mages but you can't talk with them before Chapter 3. You might only speak with Cronos, a Water Mage that is walking around the ore mound in the middle of the camp.

Let'see it on the map, marked with the number 2 on the left:

Map of the Valle of Mines
Map of the Valle of Mines

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